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Bouquet Julia Nikitiuk!

Kategori: Ukategorisert | 0 kommentarer » - Skrevet Saturday 17. January , 2015 kl. 07:08

Bouquet Julia Nikitiuk!

Born in Russia in Bratislava in 1962. In 1984. Novoaltaisk graduated from art school. In 1991g.- Krasnoyarsk State Art Institute, Department of easel painting. With 1997g.- Member of the Union of Artists of Russia. Since 2003 – 2007g.g. taught at the Department of Fine Arts of the Institute of Architecture and Design AltSTU. Works in the genre of portraiture, landscape, still life. Along with the works of a realistic plan has a series of works in the style of “Modern”.

The artist’s paintings are in museums and galleries in the city of Barnaul, Altai Territory, as well as in private collections in Russia, Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, the United States and Canada. Painting, painting … What place in our crazy world take these concepts? Who is the artist? What should be the man, moments of being imprinted on a piece of canvas or wooden board?

Sometimes it seems that the transience of all that is happening, no time to communicate, in a secluded, quiet and inner focus should have been a long time to get rid of this outdated method of reflecting reality as painting. It should have been replaced by movies, photography, computer and other modern stuff. But no … While man alive, he will need the warmth, energy exchange, something that makes the heart flutter and that provides food for the activities of the mind. Painting as a means of creative expression of the Divine in man will always attract and attract viewers, will always evoke emotion and resonate in the hearts of people. It is a painting to include pictures of Julia Nikitiuk. Do not you get tired wonder tangibility colors on her canvases, thought the old buildings and the apparent clatter of running at you with a blade spring, an affluent of the Katun. The paintings in the style of “Modern” deserve special attention. Color, line and plastic – it works on the disclosure of the deep sensuality of paintings in this series, the disclosure of images.

















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