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I hit ženŝinami after disaster!))

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The famous hudožnica Tsantekidou Ira was born in 1967..

Spouse artwork and design school of Painting and State Technical University architecture. Powered by free Glaziers, workshop in Thessaloniki (Greece).

Works Ira Tsantekidou are both collections in Greece, France, Germany, Russia, England, Switzerland, Holland, Italy, Spain, Hong Kong and the United States.


Dreaming Of Love paintings

DCF 1.0












Altai Mountains …

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Do not get tired of admiring,
The beauty of the Altai mountains,
Their spring beauty –
My favorite conversation.

If you are in the beginning of May,
Rose to Kurai,
For you familiar form,
When Polhora “burns”.

If the Russian tricolor,
Stretched between the mountains.
That maralnik flowers,
Dominant red.

Red mane like a flag waving,
Blue skies to touch the tops of mountains,
Above white milk
Clouds float jib.







Our mountains as a bride
Do not lose their beauty,
Come in any place
The new “Paradise” you will see.

He is different, winter and summer,
In late autumn, winter,
You’ll be glad you meet again,
Here, with samoyu beauty.

Cute here any place
River, lake, rock,
Say thanks to fate,
What brought you here.

Here the soul is singing with joy,
And in the eyes of love with light,
And you become clear
What a great place not.

Pristine mountains, rivers,
Around the virgin landscape,
The air is clean and fresh water,
That would have been ever since.

To you, our grandchildren,
And then great-grandchildren,
Only after seeing this mountain,
Admired beauty.









The air is saturated with bliss Altai,
It always pulls you breathe,
If, once you come to the Altai,
Each year will come again.

In the rivers of Altai, there are an attraction
Kohl, just once, you drank their water,
Do not be surprised if one day,
Again the ticket you bought the Altai.

Stars Altai beautiful and brighter
If you are in the mountains, once slept,
And after that night fine,
Pulls you back to the pass.

Those who are connected with the life of the Altai,
I among them, have not seen – you believe,
To someone in your earned vacation,
Picked up and pulled to rest in Courchevel.

Waiting Katun Beldy slopes,
Yalamanskoy blue water,
Sumultinsky clean plёsy,
Tulle lace starry heavens.



Fog fantasy glitter allegories, Daniela Zekina (Daniela Zequinha

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Fog fantasy glitter allegories, Daniela Zekina (Daniela Zequinha

From a distance came the magic voice,
And my heart is freezing somehow suddenly,
Before my eyes immediately light hair
Falls in waves and spreads around.

Only sound, but he is all-powerful,
It hertz with every attention to itself,
And the mouth of it appeals
He languidly rumors: to conquer fate.

He notes oblivion envelops,
He lures the network sweet lies,
Not to hear it again – torment,
Do not answer him – try not to tell!

Your voice is hidden in the noise of the waterfall,
He carved a moment on the lips,
Wrap yourself in it – love joy,
Answer him better echo in my dreams.












Eduardo Monteagudo \ Draw me the world, please

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Eduardo Monteagudo \ Draw me peace, please.


City-Tale, City Dream

Draw me the world, please.
I do not need the entire globe with its billions of people, I have enough of a city filled with the dynamics of Moscow and romance of Paris, Amsterdam and freedom celebrity in New York.
Draw his neon heart and arteries in the center lanes of him. Mix bright flowers and tall trees add to the cozy parks, connecting the smell of cigarette smoke and fresh baguettes, exciting perfume and gasoline, gave the city a man’s power and greed for victory, feminine grace and coquetry – and then our city will never die …
And now we draw.
In an incredible combination of incongruous that fills the city, we will not look wildly …
You, here you are, take a look! In a black cloak over his favorite dark jeans with unruly bangs and penetrating green eyes, in which I can watch for hours … And, of course, a cane.
Unchanged cane with a silver knob of a wolf …



Here I am. What I will draw …?
You know what I really am. You can see me … light golden hair, which pulls the wind, shining blue eyes, half-smile on his lips …
You wear me paint my blue dress, you draw me a habitual heels … Silver on the neck – this is my angel? – And almost invisible contours of the wings behind the back …
You hold my hand. We walk together with you in our city …
I close your album. Outside the window at the gray streets of roughly batters colorless rain …
I came back to life. But some part of me stay with you, in our city …
The lightest, kind and loving part.

Catherine Lam










w13 w14

Artist – Eduardo Monteagudo

Eduardo Monteagudo was born in Fuentealbilla – a village in the province of Albacete, in the heart of the Spanish La Mancha.
He spent his childhood on the beautiful Spanish land, surrounded by vineyards and fields of gold, on the ground, with a clear horizon and a clear sky.
Eduardo – the son of two artists – Philippe Monteagudo and Carmen del Berro – artists, has an outstanding reputation and is well known throughout Spain.
Their fame as artists began in Paris, where they first met.
Then, in search of a quiet place for a family, they moved back to Spain, settling in Fuentealbili.
Eduardo grew up among the paintings and in constant contact with nature.
He clearly remembers the days when his father took him and his brothers to draw a field or nearby villages on the banks of the river.
He studied at Albacete, and then continued his studies of painting in the Spanish town of Cuenca.
And then decided to go in the footsteps of their parents, but in order to seek their own way – he went to Paris.
It was in Paris he met artists who have had a strong influence on the development of his work.
After spending two years in Paris, Eduardo returned to Spain, where he continues to seek out and experiment.
And, of course, returned to Fuentealbilla – on his beloved homeland, which has always belonged to his heart, and his art.

And shoes and a rose in her hair … | Raimundo de Madrazo y Garreta (1841-1920)

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And shoes and a rose in her hair … | Raimundo de Madrazo y Garreta (1841-1920)



Chiffon you enveloped gas

Eyes like torches shine
And silhouette, clad in satin
From the folds of that wave subside.

Today ball harbinger of love,
Whirl will whirl in the hall,
And outside the window and garden lights,
A bright light in the room and shine glasses.

And shoes and a rose in her hair …
Flicker and disappear in the arms of the garden,
And in the morning dew pearl …
In your silks like bunches of grapes.

No one will ask, where have you been,
In the eyes of fatigue, in the heart of inspiration,
Only gold mirror
Capture the moments of the past.








Russian troika.

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Russian troika.

Troika racing, triple jumps,
Winds dust from beneath the hooves;
Bell ringing cries
And laughs and squeals …

Russian steppe, the night dark
Poetic news!
A lot of it and Thoughts languid
And there are a lot of expanse.



Andrew Atroshenko paintings

The snow sparkles in the fields.
Hurtling threesome on the way
In the white hats, poplar,
In a white coat high oak.

Hurtling three, pairs Clubs
From the bay horses hot.
Snow flies out from under the hooves.
The wind cries driver.













I dream of you dyshat.Jia Lu

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Disney Prints

I can love you,
I dream of you to breathe,
It does not matter to me how to live,
If only hug,

If only to see me,
And warm your heat …
My heart is on fire again,
But there was once ice,

Melt the ice on the heart,
Again, it is full of happiness.
And you, my joy, waiting,
Just waiting for you a long time ….




I know how to love you …

I know how to love you.
I know how you breathe.
I know how to live a candle –
Warming you burn.
I can look into the eyes
And for you to write poetry.
I know how to live like a tear,
That washes away the sins of a soul.
I know how to be tolerant,
When it becomes difficult to you,
I can live with dreams,
When you’re far away from me.
I can hear the clatter,
Crazy heart in your chest.
I know how to live like a sound –
Sounded and disappeared into the night.
I know how to love you
Every day stronger and stronger,
Do not know, but just to live
Without you and your love.





Amid the dark days under the yoke of misfortunes
From the misty haze of past years
In the stream of joyful rays
I shine your eyes look.
Under the spell of sweet dreams
Mnitsya me: I am with you again.
By the light of day in the still of the night
I share the soul’s delight.
I am with you again. My sorrow
Dashed off in cloudy distance,
And I passionately want to live again,
You breathe, love you.
D. Ratgauz




Bouquet Julia Nikitiuk!

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Bouquet Julia Nikitiuk!

Born in Russia in Bratislava in 1962. In 1984. Novoaltaisk graduated from art school. In 1991g.- Krasnoyarsk State Art Institute, Department of easel painting. With 1997g.- Member of the Union of Artists of Russia. Since 2003 – 2007g.g. taught at the Department of Fine Arts of the Institute of Architecture and Design AltSTU. Works in the genre of portraiture, landscape, still life. Along with the works of a realistic plan has a series of works in the style of “Modern”.

The artist’s paintings are in museums and galleries in the city of Barnaul, Altai Territory, as well as in private collections in Russia, Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, the United States and Canada. Painting, painting … What place in our crazy world take these concepts? Who is the artist? What should be the man, moments of being imprinted on a piece of canvas or wooden board?

Sometimes it seems that the transience of all that is happening, no time to communicate, in a secluded, quiet and inner focus should have been a long time to get rid of this outdated method of reflecting reality as painting. It should have been replaced by movies, photography, computer and other modern stuff. But no … While man alive, he will need the warmth, energy exchange, something that makes the heart flutter and that provides food for the activities of the mind. Painting as a means of creative expression of the Divine in man will always attract and attract viewers, will always evoke emotion and resonate in the hearts of people. It is a painting to include pictures of Julia Nikitiuk. Do not you get tired wonder tangibility colors on her canvases, thought the old buildings and the apparent clatter of running at you with a blade spring, an affluent of the Katun. The paintings in the style of “Modern” deserve special attention. Color, line and plastic – it works on the disclosure of the deep sensuality of paintings in this series, the disclosure of images.

















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HADDON HUBBARD SUNDBLOM (American, 1899-1976).

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Sandblom Haddon was born in Chicago in 1899, was the youngest of nine children of a family with Swedish roots. In adolescence, Haddon moonlighting at a construction site, to be able to study art at night school. Later he became a student in Chalz Everett Johnson studio. His own studio he opened in the mid-1920s and worked primarily on advertising for Coca-Cola. In 1931 «Coca-Cola» suggested Haddon Sundblom to draw Santa Claus advertising company. Sandblom portrayed him not cheerful old elf, as it was made, and a cheerful old man with a ruddy complexion and a thick white beard. The image of “modern” Santa Claus was first published in the “Saturday Evening Post”. Over the years, Santa Sundblom became well-known and loved by all the personification of Christmas and New Year prazdnikov.Vnachale model for Santa Sundblom was a retired sailor Lowe Prentays (Lou Prentice), which was a good person with a good mesh merry wrinkles. Later, after the death of Preyntaysa, Sandblom, who has grown old, and he began to look like Santa, became its own model for Santa Claus. Since Sandblom annually (up to 1966) drew a new Santa Claus, fixing in the public mind that modern image. The advertising campaign was so successful that this appearance of Santa Claus, is not quite true, attributed to Coca-Cola.

The artist was married to Violet Sallman, they had four daughters, who later gave Sandblom 14 grandchildren.

José Puyet (Español, 1926)

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Puyet was born in Malaga, Spain. He was the grandson of the teacher Jose Padilla, a Spanish artist who began painting in the nineteenth veke.Kak child Puiet learned to paint by watching his grandfather, a company he chose for his colleagues. By the age of eight, he began working in pencil and oils. In 20 years Puyet entered the Spanish armed forces, as a result of World War II, and was sent to the exclave Melilla. Experience deepened his observation of new characters and atmospheres. His superiors learned of his talent and are often exempt from the obligation to protect allowing him to create paintings for families teamhigh.

Art Puieta earned him a favorable reputation. He gave his first exhibition in the Carrera de San Jerónimo de Madrid. The exhibition was a success, which led to another 42 exhibitions at the Carrera de San Jerónimo de Madrid finally closed. Puyet, as in Barcelona, Valencia, Malaga, San Francisco, New York, Montreal, Miami, Monterrey, San Mateo, California, Houston, Boston, Hamburg, Berlin, Munich and Milan.

In 1984 Puyet was mentioned in the publication, Who’s Who in Art. In 1988 he was inducted as a member of the Real Academy of Fine Arts of San Telmo in Malaga.
Today, his works belong to families, such as the House of Alba and the House of Grimaldi. Placido Domingo and Luis Olivo support important collection of works Puieta.

Puyet died of a brain hemorrhage August 28, 2004 in Madrid in ’82.


At the Opera


Beautiful woman in blue plumage and beautiful hat



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