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I dream of you dyshat.Jia Lu

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I can love you,
I dream of you to breathe,
It does not matter to me how to live,
If only hug,

If only to see me,
And warm your heat …
My heart is on fire again,
But there was once ice,

Melt the ice on the heart,
Again, it is full of happiness.
And you, my joy, waiting,
Just waiting for you a long time ….




I know how to love you …

I know how to love you.
I know how you breathe.
I know how to live a candle –
Warming you burn.
I can look into the eyes
And for you to write poetry.
I know how to live like a tear,
That washes away the sins of a soul.
I know how to be tolerant,
When it becomes difficult to you,
I can live with dreams,
When you’re far away from me.
I can hear the clatter,
Crazy heart in your chest.
I know how to live like a sound –
Sounded and disappeared into the night.
I know how to love you
Every day stronger and stronger,
Do not know, but just to live
Without you and your love.





Amid the dark days under the yoke of misfortunes
From the misty haze of past years
In the stream of joyful rays
I shine your eyes look.
Under the spell of sweet dreams
Mnitsya me: I am with you again.
By the light of day in the still of the night
I share the soul’s delight.
I am with you again. My sorrow
Dashed off in cloudy distance,
And I passionately want to live again,
You breathe, love you.
D. Ratgauz




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