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Eduardo Monteagudo \ Draw me the world, please

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Eduardo Monteagudo \ Draw me peace, please.


City-Tale, City Dream

Draw me the world, please.
I do not need the entire globe with its billions of people, I have enough of a city filled with the dynamics of Moscow and romance of Paris, Amsterdam and freedom celebrity in New York.
Draw his neon heart and arteries in the center lanes of him. Mix bright flowers and tall trees add to the cozy parks, connecting the smell of cigarette smoke and fresh baguettes, exciting perfume and gasoline, gave the city a man’s power and greed for victory, feminine grace and coquetry – and then our city will never die …
And now we draw.
In an incredible combination of incongruous that fills the city, we will not look wildly …
You, here you are, take a look! In a black cloak over his favorite dark jeans with unruly bangs and penetrating green eyes, in which I can watch for hours … And, of course, a cane.
Unchanged cane with a silver knob of a wolf …



Here I am. What I will draw …?
You know what I really am. You can see me … light golden hair, which pulls the wind, shining blue eyes, half-smile on his lips …
You wear me paint my blue dress, you draw me a habitual heels … Silver on the neck – this is my angel? – And almost invisible contours of the wings behind the back …
You hold my hand. We walk together with you in our city …
I close your album. Outside the window at the gray streets of roughly batters colorless rain …
I came back to life. But some part of me stay with you, in our city …
The lightest, kind and loving part.

Catherine Lam










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Artist – Eduardo Monteagudo

Eduardo Monteagudo was born in Fuentealbilla – a village in the province of Albacete, in the heart of the Spanish La Mancha.
He spent his childhood on the beautiful Spanish land, surrounded by vineyards and fields of gold, on the ground, with a clear horizon and a clear sky.
Eduardo – the son of two artists – Philippe Monteagudo and Carmen del Berro – artists, has an outstanding reputation and is well known throughout Spain.
Their fame as artists began in Paris, where they first met.
Then, in search of a quiet place for a family, they moved back to Spain, settling in Fuentealbili.
Eduardo grew up among the paintings and in constant contact with nature.
He clearly remembers the days when his father took him and his brothers to draw a field or nearby villages on the banks of the river.
He studied at Albacete, and then continued his studies of painting in the Spanish town of Cuenca.
And then decided to go in the footsteps of their parents, but in order to seek their own way – he went to Paris.
It was in Paris he met artists who have had a strong influence on the development of his work.
After spending two years in Paris, Eduardo returned to Spain, where he continues to seek out and experiment.
And, of course, returned to Fuentealbilla – on his beloved homeland, which has always belonged to his heart, and his art.

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